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Retro Game Challenge
Ages: Everyone

My mother used to say, "If you don't respect yourself, nobody else will", and this adage works for games too. I am referring to how a game interfaces with the player. Do the developers/producers try to give players the best opportunity to enjoy their product; is the object of the game clearly stated; are instructions easily available; has there been concern not to dead-end the player?

Today's great example is Retro Game Challenge. Xseed brings back really old stuff - 8bit arcade games - but they have made new old games. It is so successful - the sound, the look - there's even a bit of a story. The game has three types of play - shooting at aliens, action scroller to get to and save the princess, and rally racing complete with drift boosts. It's amazing how much was done with 8-bit graphics.

Each game is introduced with the name of the developer and the year it was introduced - it is a nice bit of history - especially for those of us were weren't in the arcades in the '80s. These are new old games - they've loved them, copied them, and made them new again so we can play the games that we played when we were kids.

The only problem that I can see is the name. It's so simple that the games might be easily overlooked. It needs a name like, An Amazing Treasury of Rare 8-bit Gems.

Fun Factor: Those '80's games were pretty good
Player Friendly: Complete instructions in the game and in the manual

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/09

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