Return to Witch Mountain  - Review

Return to Witch Mountain
Ages: General Audience

Return to Witch Mountain, a sequel made three years later, does not use the children effectively. The whole premise of the first movie was empowering children to take care of themselves and to win against adults planning to do them harm. Tony, within a few minutes into the movie, becomes a spaced out automaton under the control of a mad scientist. Sister Kim is left holding her head as though she has a headache trying to get in touch with him. Christopher Lee plays the arch villain, intent on mind control, straight, while Betty Davis, the sub-villain is over the top.

Hopefully the new (third) movee, with new leads will be better. Race to Witch Mountain promises more action, a taxicab good guy, wise-cracking humor and UFO-fu.

The best of the extras is an interview, in Spanish, with mustached Christopher Lee talking about his new movie, where he plays a gypsy baron. Acting must be hard profession.

Fun Factor: Pick-up the first one for the charm or the new movie for the action - this has neither.
Female Factor: As in the first movie - Kim Richards plays a brave and adventuresome girl.

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/09

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