Rider's World - Review

Rider's World
Ages: Everyone -- young girls

The picture on the box is just charming, with the little girl's hands around her horse and loving it and it is this connection between girl and horse that the game counts on. It is an awkward game to play, with both keyboard and mouse as the necessary controls. The left button performs actions such as mounting the horse, opening doors and the right mouse button empties the shovel more of that later. Arrow keys are the directional moves for both the horse and the girl.

Before you can ride any horse, you have to groom and feed it. Grooming a horse, besides brushing him, includes using the pick to clean out the mud from his hoofs. Each task requires moving to the tool, picking it up, going to the horse, performing the task and then going back and replacing the tools. This wouldn't be so bad if the controls were better much better. Can you ride now nooooo. This is the only horse game that involves cleaning up the stable. You pick up and shovel the manure into a wheelbarrow. Saddling up is easier than in some games that require you to put on a blanket and tack. In Rider'sWorld you just stand next to the horse and left click.

You finally get to go riding and that's the best part. Walking, trotting, galloping and jumping feel more real, enhanced by the shadows on the ground. The view is from your back, but the different gaits are well differentiated. You can earn new riding gear and permission to ride a new horse if you have successfully completing a mission. Races are against the clock and include avoiding obstacles and jumping. After you have completed all the missions, you have earned "Free Game" where you can ride any horse, anywhere, wearing any riding gear, you just have to get past all that stable cleaning.

Amazon doesn't carry the game, the web site (http://ridersworld.cdvus.com) can't be accessed, but I have seen it in stores like Best Buy.

Fun Factor: Too much attention on the grooming and cleaning part but maybe that is what horses are all about.
Female Factor: Main character and instructor are female -- can't tell about the horses.
Player Friendly: Saves upon exiting, plenty of instruction, but only a horse lover would put up with the controls.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/07

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