Righteous Kill - Review

Righteous Kill
Ages: Everyone

This is the second instance of a New York detective story based on a movie, Blood Ties is the other. Its storyline is a hunt for a killer of multiple murders linked by poems found at each scene. The point and click item hunts are at crime scenes, laced with puzzles structured on forensic work and inserted with movie clip stills.

The hunts, at a variety of backdrops, involve a list of needed items, aided by a silhouette of that item and also a hint which highlights the area for those tougher to find. The well rounded story is complete, has twists and variety not found in some of the similar type games. It's a fun romp as a detective in the gritty big city - a perfect rainy day game!

The game can be downloaded from Amazon.com or Bigfishgames.com

Fun Factor: Easy quick mystery
Female Factor: Erica Dean is the PI investigating the crime.
Player Friendly: Good hints.

Reviewed by: Adison Garzon - 11/09

  • Righteous Kill
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  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP
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