Dragon Quest Heroes:  Rocket Slime  - Review

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
Ages: Everyone

Japan has excelled at creating cute characters that wield deadly weapons and can fight like crazy. This dichotomy as in the food hot with cool, sour with sweet is what makes Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime engaging. Cute like Pokemon but with fewer features they still carry individual characteristics.

Rocket, a little ball of slime, that bounces enemies on his head or snaps into foes as a springy rubber band is the hero of this saga. His quest is to rescue the 100 slimy inhabitants of Boingberg. It must have been fun making faces on these slimes, their personalities comes across with just a few additions mustaches, bows, eyeglasses, hats.

And so this action-adventure has Rocket and his freed companions wandering through the countryside, picking up weapons and battling monsters. And then there are the tanks. -- constructs like a Lego set gone wild and big as a small city. Which then requires Rocket to have to manage the whole machine. Think being a slime is easy?

Want to fight tank battles with your friends? You can do wireless within 30 feet.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/06

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