The Rockett Series: - Rockett's New School

The Rockett Series: - Rockett's Tricky Decision

The Rockett Series: - Rockett's Secret Invitation

The Rockett Series:
Rockett's New School, Rockett's Tricky Decision and Rockett's Secret Invitation
Ages: 8-12

I've had it! Each time I open a Purple Moon box - I think this one will be the girl game I am waiting for. Each time I am disappointed. Playing each game has been like being on a diet of lettuce and sprouts that leaves you wanting some real solid protein.

Purple Moon's research on what girls like has led them to focus on relationships; how do you select your friends, what is loyalty, who's in and who's out and what are friends for. These are surely teenage concerns, but the attempts at addressing these concerns are both trivial and predictable.

The main character is 13 year old Rockett Movado and her friends at Whistling Pines Jr. High. The game format consists of voice over cartoon characters. At some point in the dialogue, there is a pause and you are asked to choose one of three actions. The story then continues until the next pause for a choice. There is simply not enough interactively. There is no animation, scenes are just flipped through. You have to sit through episodes that could have just as easily been put on radio. One friend of mine simply made her choices with her eyes closed by just swinging her mouse over the keypad.

There are currently, three adventures: Rockett's New School, explores what it like to be a new girl in school Rockett's Tricky Decision has her trying to decide which group's Halloween party to go to. Rockett's Secret Invitation, in which she isn't exactly honest when asked to join a secret club.

Each of the adventures and take place sequentially and within a narrow time frame .They are expressly planned to be cliff hangers - not a good idea. There are not enough hours of game play and when the game ends abruptly the feeling is, "What happened? Why did it end? Is that it?"

Purple Moon is to be commended for their research into what concerns girls and trying to make games that are meaningful. But there has to be more than slow-motion episodes about discussing interpersonal problems and finding ones place in the social order. Everything becomes bland and monotonous. I wish that there would be some serious consequences for negative behavior. I would like someone to find Rockett snooping into their locker and ask her what the hell she is doing there. She lies, and everyone is lovey- dovey and forgives her. The serious question of what prompts someone to lie - self image and protection of self begs to be further explored. Seems that if you raise important questions, you are responsible to explore thoughtful answers.

Reviewed by Genevieve

  • Rockett's New School and Rockett's Tricky Decision Each $29.95
  • Purple Moon © 1997
  • Hybrid CD ROM Windows 3.1/95 and Mac System 7.1
  • Rockett's Secret Invitation $29.95
  • Purple Moon © 1998
  • Hybrid CD ROM Windows 95/98 and Mac System 7.1