Rockett's Adventure Maker

Rockett's Adventure Maker
Ages: 8-12

The activity in this game is to make your own comics and magnets using characters and scenes from the Rockett's adventures. But you can also invent your own character, her looks, her body, and her attitude. There is even a boy in the mix.

The basic planning sheets are in the classic comic format. Some manipulation of the objects is necessary to get them in the right pose but there are tools to accomplish this - shrinking, rotating, and foreground and background placement. The bubbles allow you to give speech to the characters. Not long speeches but the spare dialogue of cartoons. For girls who like the Purple Moon characters, this gives them a voice to make there own characters and situations.

Unlike the Rockett Adventure stories, this one has lots to do and places the player in the center of the action - creating and controlling the story. Current opinions on the best way to develop games, for everyone, not just girls, is to have the player create the story and in so doing finds her own voice. Besides, it's more fun.

Reviewed by Genevieve

  • Rocket's Adventure Maker $29.95
  • Purple Moon © 1998
  • Hybrid CD-ROM Windows 95/98 and Mac System 7.1