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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
Ages: Everyone

No one doesn't like Roller Coaster Tycoon. This favorite game just gets better and better. It is one of the games that keeps the PC alive.

The game design is familiar -- you build an amusement park and run it to please the patrons and make a profit. Of course the roller coaster is the largest and most fun project in the park, viz the name. The 3D change offers many plusses. It is easier to build and place rides; the camera angles make for an outstanding feeling of realism; and the attendees/peeps - young or old - have more character and you can zoom in on the indivduals.

Of course it is the roller coaster that is the main attraction. It is easier to build because the program will finish it for you -- what a concept. Also there is a "Coaster Cam" that places the player in the front of any ride -- and that is the ultimate of being there.

It was the fireworks that caught my attention -- and they can be customized with more than 30 different effects. I play the game in sandbox mode which means that I don't have to worry about money. Hey, this is a fun game and I don't want be limited by $$$. If you are into the "make a profit and please the customers" there seem to be some bugs. If this is your choice, go to for a beta fix.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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