Roogoo Attack  - Review

Roogoo Attack
Ages: Everyone

Roogoo is harder on the DS and funnier. Harder because the space between the platforms is much closer, essentially making it a faster game and because of the screen size, the graphics and perspective are not as clear. Much of the game is like that on the Wii - guiding shapes through appropriate holes by rotating the platform. The control for rotating the platforms feels simpler than that on the Wii - left shoulder button for left rotation; right for right. The X button is used for attack. The game is funnier because you will get not only different shapes but nests, eggs, and chickens to set in proper place and sequence - and lots more - snowmen and burgers - I'd like to see how Flo would handle this one. There are 11 unique environments and over 100 levels.

Find someone who has Roogoo Twisted Towers and you can connect the DS to the Wii and unlock bonus content on both the Wii and the DS. Multiplayer DS can be hosted with a Single Card for up to 3 players. You can play this one forever or until your fingers give out.

Fun Factor: Clever
Player Friendly: Saves on exiting - Would it be too much to ask for them to mention it?

Reviewed by: Gen Katz, Editor - 07/09

  • Roogoo Attack
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  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
  • To Order: DS $19.99