Runaway II  the Dream of the Turtle   - Review

Runaway II the Dream of the Turtle
Ages: Everyone 10+

The game would more appropriately be called Run-On, and run-on and on and on it does. It starts simply with Brian Basco and Gina Timmis flying to an Hawaiian island for a vacation. The names alone provide a hint as to the humor in both game and information booklet. Those who have played Runaway I will recognize some of the characters but I started fresh.

The girls are curvaceous, helpful but sometimes deadly. The males can be he-men, mad scientists, insane captains, pirates, mystics, whacko creeps and more. The variety of animals you will become acquainted with include a lemur, parrot, snakes and big spiders. Locations range from jungle, army encampment. millionaire's mansion, an Aztec temple, a yacht, Alaska and some I can't tell you about for fear of them being spoilers. There are times when you completely lose track of the plot and that may be the charm of the game.

The voice acting is excellent and very appropriate to the characters. The lines of text are tediously long but appropriate to developing the story but I wished for some other technique. The cartoon graphics with the outlandish characterizations, skillful shading and smooth and detailed animations are the games best part and they deserve a better game. Until then, relax and enjoy it.

Fun Factor: Great cartoon characters but too much talk.
Female Factor: One of each, smart, helpless, helpful, deadly.
Player Friendly: Solutions are pretty well telegraphed plus in-game suggestions.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/07

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