Rune Factory Frontier  - Review

Rune Factory Frontier
Ages: Everyone 10+

This is the first Rune/Harvest Moon game making it to a console and it is very well suited for the action of the Wii. No need to be knowledgeable with the history of the other Harvest-Rune games - this one is perfectly accessible from the git-go. The game still hews to is agrarian roots - tilling, planting, harvesting, cooking, husbanding - animals - not girls right away. Although there are plenty of eager females casting an eye on Raguna. I counted up the numbers - an 8 to 1 female ratio to the hero. I can't tell if this pleases the boy or girl players.

Days are 24 minutes long but you can easily work or party up to 5 AM. But farming and socializing isn't all that goes on in these Rune games. There are now monsters to vanquish and/or tame. The town is comfortably large - a business district, a south end - pub, store, homestead, a church section, a beach and the amazing suspended whale island in the sky. Note: its important to start at the church as the first favor will progressively open up the town for you. The game is vast, the graphics, elegant and it is filled with fantasy and action. The game will please both Rune and Harvest Moon players.

Fun Factor: Something for everyone and it goes on forever.
Female Factor: Male protagonist but plenty of females about.
Player Friendly: Good manual. For saves you must return to your house and write it into the journal.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/09

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