Sam & Max - Surfin' the Highway - Review

Sam & Max - Surfin' the Highway
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Some of us learned of Sam & Max, the deranged Freelance Police - a dog in a suit and a rabbit with saw-tooth mouth, through the episodic adventures created by Telltale Games. But there are those fans who knew about Sam & Max back in the '80's through the comics - Sam & Max - Surfin' the Highway. Now, you too can join this elite class.

This new compilation of all S&M print adventures is out in an elegant dark Moroccan brown cover, embossed in gold - the book you want people to see on your bookshelf or on your cocktail table. Purcell's humor targets all our favorite icons from people to junk food. Sometimes he skewers them blatantly in the title - other times you have to search in his densely filled frames, but they are all there: middle-class pirates, Disney, Oz, Obi-Wan, Tweeny Tod.

At the book's end, there are twelve full-color episodes plus full page shots of the duo - suitable for framing, except you wouldn’t want to deface the book - I can't believe I used that word.

Fun Factor: A fun read going back to the beginning.
Female Factor: Sort of a Thelma and Louise for boys.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/09

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