San & Max - Chariots of the Dogs - Season Two  Episode 204 - Review

Sam & Max - Chariots of the Dogs - Season Two Episode 204
Ages: General Audience

I love clever people, and the four writers - who churn out these stories, are very, very clever. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they hash out these insane plots and hilarious dialogues.

I came to Sam & Max thru the back door. I reviewed Season One sent to me by The Adventure Company and was simply waiting for Season Two. So let me set thing straight. Sam and Max are produced by Telltale Games and is an episodic adventure. Episodic - like episodes, comes out bi-monthly. Each episode is a complete adventure in itself – of course there are verbal and graphic inside jokes - that you would better understand having played previous titles.

Just the titles have you salivating – Abe Lincoln Must Die, Ice Station Santa, Chariots of the Dogs, the latter is the most recent release and has Sam and Max looking for the Bosco, the missing “inconvenience” store proprietor.

The game has you bobbing between a space ship and various past and future lives of the characters through a clever plot device of using time cards to trigger time travel using a tardis-like space elevator. In one scene I came across a senile Sam, in a Dalek-like contraption – right out of an early episode of Dr Who. The explosive joy at recognizing an in-joke is part of the satisfaction of the game.

If you haven’t played these games before – Sam and Max are free ranging detectives, Sam a dog and Max a rabbit. The cartoon style is dense with detail. The characters are all politically incorrect spoofs. The music is not what you would expect from a cartoon series; the opening blood red scene is accompanied by a wailing sax.

There is an option for in-game help from Max. If that isn’t enough there is a walkthrough on the site. But savor the game. Even after playing it you might want to go back to squeeze out every morsel of goodness.

Individual episodes may be purchased online for $8.95 or you could put down the money for the whole season – 6 episodes for $34.95 – a clear savings of $19.75. You can also download a free demo.

Fun Factor: Humor is literate and sophisticated.
Female Factor: Sybil - secretary and entrepreneur is no slouch
Player Friendly: Lots of in-game help plus a walkthrough on the site

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/08

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