Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Review

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
Rating: E-10+ - Everyone 10+

These irrepressibly funny, irreverent and clever creatures from the pen of Steve Percel have burst upon their third series of episodic games. TellTale Games was where I first experienced episodic games - chapters sent out monthly. Personally, this clever format is hard for me, known as "Impatient Gen", who reads mysteries at a single clip and is not above reading the last chapter first, to handle this form. In the past, I have downloaded chapters and waited until the Fifth - Final Chapter was available. This has caused me, unfortunately, to misplace some chapters.

NONETHELESS, for those want to embark on the titillating and suspenseful series, the first chapter of The Devil's Playhouse is out now. The Penal Zone has Sam and Max encountering Skunkape (aka Skun-ka-pe) the gorilla from outer space determined to TOTW.

There's a fairly strong departure from our office-centric duo. They board Skunkape's ship and proceed to do battle. This time, Max, the rabbity one, comes equipped with psychic power toys - selected from what looks to be a circular color palette. This addition of psychic powers provides an opportunity for more jokes, different characters and a dip into the gorgeous color and graphics we saw in Tales of Monkey Island.

Other episodes awaiting you:

The game is currently out on the I-pad the PC and Mac, and you can subscribe up front for the total of the five series adventures plus a final disk copy for $34.95 at

Fun Factor: Clever, humor - a rare thing
Female Factor: Minimal
Player Friendly: No problems with download

Reviewed by: Editor - Apr/10

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