Santa Clause 3 -- The Escape Clause - Review

Santa Clause 3 -- The Escape Clause
Ages: Everyone

I didn't even know about Santa Clause 1 and 2 and we're up to 3 already. In the perfect spirit of Christmas, no time bombs, no unlockable weapons, but you do have a few potent presents like tree balls and toy tanks to thwart Jack Frost trying to freeze out Christmas. Disney is trying for non-violent games for the season.

Santa's elves come with myriad of tools to help complete the puzzles. There's plenty of running and jumping before getting to the really good stuff. Santa's sleigh ride is a timed puzzle where you drop presents in the shortest time while avoiding gusty winds. But best of all are the power-ups bonuses, hot cocoa and candy and milk and cookies. I was disappointed in that there was no Christmas music. Maybe it has all been copyrighted.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

  • Santa Clause 3 -- The Escape Clause
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  • Platform(s): GameBoyAdvance
  • To Order: GB/GBA $19.82
  • To Order: GB/GBA $19.82