Scooby-Doo; Who's Watching Who? - Review

Scooby-Doo! Who's Watching Who?
Ages: Everyone

Scooby–Doo, Where ha' ya been, me bonny pooch. 'Tis been a long time since I ha' seen ya. Once a year is not enough Scooby. This time the Mystery Inc. gang is up against another crime solving crew, the Ghost Scene Investigators (GSI) in a competition to see who can unmask the most ghosts.

The game follows pretty much close to the Scooby format. Scooby searches around looking for clues while avoiding ghosts, skeletons, mad pirates, crazy clowns and objects that hit him, while looking for Scooby treats to keep up his courage. After Scooby has collected clues, he goes to Velma to analyse them using their ghost detection equipment. The rival team appears and interferes from time to time. On their team they have Catscan, an all purpose portable laboratory in the form of a robotic cat – a nice touch. Once enough clues are analyzed Scooby can make an accusation. It's not finished yet – traps must set to trap the villain before all will be revealed. There are four episodes and all have a fair amount of driving. The touch screen is used for the mini games involving the analysis of the items, to feed Scooby hamburgers, eliminate obstacles in Shaggy's path and for game statistics.

I played the game on the PSP after playing it on the DS (my PSP was charging). What a difference! Same game but the graphics are entirely different. The 3D and larger images make all the characters much more appealing, even the cameraman. The Ghost Scene Investigators (GSI) are a nice touch and I wonder what plans are in the works for the next Scooby adventure. But the awful controls make you want to give up at the gate. The analog stick is used to control Scooby, but if you press the L or R buttons at the wrong time it controls the camera. Suddenly, you are getting views of the sky, the entire surrounding area (it's in 3D) and you have lost the dog. Steering with the stick makes you wish for the Wii.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

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