Secrets of Great Art  - Review

Secrets of Great Art
Ages: Everyone

Hidden object games are great for relieving stress - and it is important for the player to pick the environment where they want to spend their time exploring. That is why this game is such a pleasurable unique offering - you spend time enjoying Classical paintings while looking for ingeniously hidden objects. For a change of pace there are puzzles where you look for the differences between two paintings. The game also has a mystery story associated with it which is slowly uncovered as you solve the games. Music is non-recognizable classical, pleasant and in keeping with the game, only swelling into consciousness as the game draws to a finish. There is replay - with a different list and some additional objects. The game contains 60 unique levels - which gives the player plenty of time in the company of great art.

Some of the more prominently featured artists in the game are: Sir Lawrence Alma Tameda, Jean Leon Gerome, James Jacques Joseph Tissot, Lord Frederick Leighton, John William Godward. I can only hope for additional art games - Neo-Classic, Modern, Post-modern. Why not an art education along with your game?

Fun Factor: A novel approach to a hidden object game

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/08

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