Secrets of the Furious Five  - Review

Secrets of the Furious Five
Ages: Not rated

This follow-up to Kung Fu Panda is a short movie - 24 minutes, that addresses some of the more mental and character traits found in the practice of Kung-Fu. Master Shifu drops Po into a classroom of bunnies - all wanting to learn combat Kung-Fu. To bring in the other side of the martial art, Po recounts how the Furious Five overcame their character faults to attain the ideals of Kung Fu. Crane learns confidence; Mantis, patience; Viper courage; Monkey, compassion and Tigress bonds into a family. The graphics, voice and music are as good as they were in the original.

Because the short is so short - the producers have laced the extras with some substantial goodies. "Do you Kung-Fu" demonstrates the different styles of Kung-Fu and how they developed from animal motions. The moves are demonstrated by young girls and boys but kids are cautioned not to try this at home. There are lessons on how to draw each of the protagonists and series of clever dance steps referred to as the Panda Shuffle. Kids are introduced to the Chinese Calendar and, with a series of questions, you can find out what astrological animal you are. More than 24 minutes of activity on the disk will keep kids busy long after the short.

Fun Factor: Short but sweet
Female Factor: Females have the best - Tiger and Serpent

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/09

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