City of Heroes - Strategy Guide Review

City of Heroes - Strategy Guide
Ages: Teen

I can't imagine playing City of Heroes, or for that matterCity of Villains without a strategy guide. These are mongo strategy guides. As a starter, the three ring binder contains Chapter 1, issues 1 through 6. The big three ring binder portends many updates.

The beginner is prompted to make use of chapters 1-4 while the advanced players are directed to new PVP and Base sections. Page edges act as indices, with colors highlighting the different chapters: Introduction, The Basics, Archetypes, Group Dynamics, Zones, Villains, PVP Bases. The page layouts using color, graphs, maps and characters help lead the reader through what is a complicated system.

The guide starts out with the basic steps and key concepts. Opponents are divided into seven groups of increasing difficulties -- from there on there are tips on missions, enhancements and detailed information and statistics on the archetypes.

The book weighs almost three pounds -- Three pounds of strategy -- that's a lot of strategy.

Prima Games has a new concept for strategy guides Eguides, electronic game guides. For the impatient -- downloads for immediate satisfaction; reference and searches with a few clicks of your keyboard -- and this premium service, not for more but less. You also help save the trees. Check out the particulars at:

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/06

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