The Incredibles -- Rise of the Underminer - Strategy Guide Review

The Incredibles -- Rise of the Underminer - Strategy Guide
Ages: Everyone

Now, The Incredibles -- Rise of the Underminer isn't that hard a game, so maybe you can do without the Strategy Guide, but maybe not. I, for one, like the maps of the different missions and that is often enough for me to complete a level. There are 14 different missions, and tips on how to handle the robots (and there are lots of them); suggestions on when to use the talents of Mr. Incredible or Frozone, and plenty of maps. The guide covers the mini-boss encounters and side missions and helps to keep you on track, racking up the experience points. Maybe you can handle all this yourself, maybe you don't have to know about the different kinds of laser-traps, maybe you'd like to do the levels over?

Note: A nice article in the New York Times, Business section 2006/03/05, on David Hodgson who is one of the strategy guide writers for BradyGames.

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