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Shaman King 2 Master of Spirits
Ages: Everyone

Wow -- a whole RPG in your palm. While you don't have multiple characters to switch between, you do have Guardian Ghosts and combinations of Guardian Ghosts to help you win the battles with your nefarious brother Zeke. Ghosts will help you jump higher, extinguish fires and move obstacles. Items collected in the action stage such as Magatama beads and Dobie dolls will restore health or increase defense or attack powers. Other items can be purchased from a shop using the pause menu. There is a full fledged status screen and a separate screen for the Guardian Ghosts. Movement is basically a side scroller, but hey, you can do attacks while jumping. Next game -- Shaman King vs Prince of Persia? This one is a keeper.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/05

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