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Shark Tale
Ages: Everyone

Shark Tale on the GBA is an up and down side scroller, so Oscar swims all over the ocean persuing his missions. Oscar's focused desire is to be big man in Reef City. Of course he gets in the way of the Godfather of the Reef, Lino the white shark, and his minions. There are urchins and crabs to avoid, subway tokens to collect.

Oscar has certain missions to accomplish. He swims around the underwater city avoiding the sea urchins and snapping crabs while picking up subway tokens. All the old familiar characters are there: Sykes, Angie, Lola, Lenny, Frankie and those two Rastafarian jellyfish. Some will help, others certainly are to be avoided. If you've see the movie, you will enjoy this one in your pocket.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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