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Shark Tale
Ages: Everyone

I guess "fame and rep" is in this year. Oscar's prime focus is to become Numero Uno in the Reef City. That is also the theme and goal of a couple of other games this year. I blame it all on American Idol. Besides keeping his health up it, is most important to keep his fame meter up. In fact certain missions can only be started once Oscar is famous enough.

The missions are mostly running errands while staying away from things that hurt you. Since Oscar is a little fish in the sea, much of the action involves sneaking around and avoiding fights. Of course when absolutely necessary Oscar will fight but this is not your shoot and hack game.

The PC version is somewhat different from the console models. Much of this is related to the timing difference between the computer and the consoles. The PC is not dedicated solely to games and so quick and multiple fighting action is not possible. This results in more of a search and find game which some may prefer.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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