Shaun White Snowboarding   - Review

Shaun White Snowboarding
Ages: Teen

I wonder if Shaun's mother knows what he is doing. I'm glad that no one I know is on those slopes with him. This should have had the subtitle - Extreme Sports. The game is dual shocks compatible - appropriate.

The whole game gives you the feeling of really being on the slopes; dressing up in the snowboarding outfit - male/female; climbing up with the other borders; the scenery; and that look down before shoving off. Doing these unbelievable runs is a physical experience. The controls are good and do not get in the way once you get familiar with them. Talk about vicarious pleasure. I had an easier and more fun time snowboarding with Shaun than I did skateboarding with Tony.

The locations that you snowboard are places most of us will never see: mountains in Park City, Utah, Europe (feels like Austria), Japan, Alaska. You can play multiplayer over a LAN line or go online through Playstation network

Fun Factor: Exciting
Female Factor: Who can tell with all that gear
Player Friendly: Could use more info on making/editing videos

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

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