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Ship Simulator
Ages: Everyone

How nice to get a game with a different ethos. I have piloted planes, driven cars and locomotives but piloting a container vessel through the inland channel is a whole new thing. First off, and those who already know about big boats it's s-l-o-w.

Ship Simulator gives you the chance to pilot a container vessel, cargo ship, harbor patrol, tugboat, speedboat water taxi and the Titanic. I have already done the missions for the harbor patrol and the container vessel. Since you have to ramp up the Titanic is a few more hours away. They say you can go into the interior and since I have already played the Titanic and spent some time on that glorious ship, I am looking forward to doing comparison. I wonder if they expect you to sail into the ice berg.

The instructions, charts and controls are planned for game play and for hitting the high score. This is not a series of Coast Guard lessons and so I found myself totally at sea regarding lanes and harbor restrictions, how to navigate on the high seas without visual guidance. So play it for some of the feel of being behind the wheel of a big ship and get more information from the Coast Guard.

The minimum requirements state Win XP but I played it on Windows 2000 with no problems.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/06

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