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Shreck: Superslam
Ages: Everyone 10+

This game is worth playing just for the fighting moves of the characters: Gingerbread man, curling into ninja moves, Humpty Dumpty as 100 year old Dojo master, Fiona in hair curlers. The animations are well done and the incongruity of the situations make for laughs.

Oh yes, the game part. Well as the title says -- everyone is slamming everyone and he/she who slams the most wins. Weapons are worthy of the fighters; a giant ham, fart wand, beehive and a fairy bazooka that shoots heat seeking fairies.

Each character his/her own moves that are not so much combination moves as a tree of buttons to press which produces the special attack. While you can button mash, there are plenty of moves to finesse if you choose. Think elegant game play.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/05

  • Shreck: Superslam
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  • GameCube
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