Shrek the Third - Review

Shrek the Third
Ages: General Audiences

I review movies when my brain is fried on games and my DS needs charging. Don'no when you look at DVD's but it's probably when you need a time out too. Shreck is one of those offerings it just covers you like warm blanket.

Story: The frog king of Far Far Away dies and Shrek is next in line to be new ruler not what he wants to be. So he goes out to find Fiona's cousin Arthur to take his place. Arthur is not king material a wimp, with zero charisma and totally lacking in self esteem. Perfect setup for some lessons on ego boosting. However, there is someone who does want to be king - Prince Charming, and so ensues various nefarious engagements. Donky and the suave Prince in Boots come to the rescue. A very funny opera buffo is put on by the Prince and his henchmen which is to culminate in the destruction of Shrek. Eventually - too soon - everything's ironed out. As a side story, Princess Fiona is pregnant which leads to fantasies, nightmares, songs, and instructions on parenting. Eventually the kids are born a nice ending .

Fun Factor: A pleasant progression of the Shrek story

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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