Sims 3:  World Adventures    - Review

Sims 3: World Adventures
Ages: Teen

If you took a staycation at home this year - indulge yourself - or at least your Sims with exotic adventure in France, Egypt and China. This is a game of vicarious enjoyment.

It's the first expansion pack for Sims 3 and you need the original Sims 3 to play. If you don't keep it on your computer, pull it out of the shelf, install it, you will get some updates, now you are ready to install "Adventure". You can import your original characters from Sim 3 or just create a new one.

It's different from the Sims 2 Bon Voyage - your Sims don't just visit a country and laze about and buy stuff, they have an Adventure. France, catacombs; China, martial arts; Egypt, the tombs - sounds simplistic but each destination is well developed with architecture, people, culture, quests, even songs (in Simlish). Sadly, once you have finished the game, there is no going back to replay it. C'est la vie.

They say, "travel broadens one", and this could be true for the whole Sims empire. I am a Sim's fan and was pleased as to how Sims 2 developed. I think breaking out of the box is what is needed for Sims 3. Melding a sim with an adventure game is the way to go.

Fun Factor: A new direction for the first expansion pack for Sims3
Female Factor: Choice is yours
Player Friendly: Have to keep Sims 3 on your computer to install the expansion pack

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/09

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