Sims 2 - Bon Voyage PC Expansion Pack  - Review

Sims 2 - Bon Voyage PC Expansion Pack
Ages: Teen

This is really fun. Make a phone call, have enough simoleons, pick a location and your Sim is picked up by an airport shuttle and plunked down into a vacation land. You have three choices:

Immediate trans-portation such is vicarious living.

There is a lot to do and explore in any one of the vacation spots and goodies to bring home. It is only limited by the time and simoleons you have. I can see the next expansion pack Simoleon Retirement.

While getting there is fun, getting the installation done is not. Besides, the lengthy admonitions as to where to install, warnings about your earlier game contents being wiped out, there was no reference to requirements I had to go to, and yes it will play on Windows Vista, XP, ME, 98 or 2000 Operating Systems. It would have been considerate to put it somewhere on the outside of the box.

Fun Factor: Talk about instant gratification.
Player Friendly: The installation process is Byzantine and only Sims devotees will put up with it. Others will go to Sim Stories.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

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