Sims Castaway (PSP) - Review

Sims Castaway (PSP)
Ages: Everyone 10+

Its not the PSP's fault that some of images on the screens are too small to make for an accurate selection, so instead of customizing my characters, I simply randomized them. Not the best planning procedure but I got some interesting Sims out of it. The selection of my lead Sims was not the one I intended because the Sims icon was almost invisible. This fight with screen and selection continued. The response time was so slow that I kept pressing buttons, thinking I had made an error. To grab and move things, actions important in this building and gathering game, requires you to Pause, go into the Plans and Ideas Mode, select Grab, use the camera to locate the object, press X to pick it up, move to where you want it, and press X to release it . .. Enough said.

The story is basically the same as that on the console (see the Wii review) and that is the problem. The game overwhelms the PSP. You pick from one to six characters, there is a shipwreck, you learn to survive and eventually reunite with crew members. The steel drum music sounds tinny but the rhythm's there. The characters move fluidly and the scenery is beautiful but getting there is a bear. There is no camera control, so seeing what you want to see can be very difficult.

After playing Castaway on the Wii and being able to access many of the actions, items and goals by pointing to the screen with the Remote this port was just too frustrating even more so because the story is good, and having an ongoing Sims game in your pocket to play while waiting in line is just too good to be passed up.

Fun Factor: Good game stymied by poor controls
Female Factor: You could make an all girl crew
Player Friendly: Lack of camera control is only one of the annoyances

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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