Sky Dancers - Box

Sky Dancers
Ages: Everyone 5+

I remember Sky Dancers -- those winged whirligigs that you shot up into the air. A real girl toy. The box art shows them as three lovely fairy-like creatures. The back story in the manual (yes I do read them) spins a story about three dance students -- Angela, Camille and Jade who are entrusted with the task of saving Queen Skyla who has been spirited away by the evil Sky Clone. Unfortunately two of the sky dancers have also be abducted so you have to play as Angela until level four before the other two come into play..

The levels are described interestingly enough; The Enchanted Forest, The Emerald Island, Sky of Spells, Charmed Castle and finally the Sky Clone's Labs, but the game is a straight forward side scroller with jumping and ducking. Crave went 90% towards making a fun fantasy game and then came down flat footed. Play it if you will, but the fantasy stops at the box.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/05

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