Smarty - Box Cover Have you ever been called Miss Smartypants? You know, when you do something that you think is really cool and some grown up puts you down? Well the name of the character in this game is Mimi Smartypants and no one puts her down. Her Aunt Olive invites Smarty (for short) to her town for summer vacation. And so begins this weird and wonderful adventure.

The town has houses, stores, a theater, a pancake house, a school - all with funky names. You can check out the school play at Our Lady of Impossible Sorrow Elementary School, where the nuns play basketball, or watch old cartoons at the Pix Theatre..

Aunt Olive's house is filled with things to do and clicking on things can land you anywhere from a Pirate's den at the bottom of the fish tank where you can listen to the Oyster Orchestra, to a bubble bath, and an assortment of kitchen weirdness. Outside there is a garden with a Hollywood producer bug drinking martinis, and a telescope in the back yard for spying on the neighbors. In Olive's studio you can paint and make jewelry.

Some activities your mom might call educational. Don't miss them 'cause they really are fun. You can star in a game show called What's Up Buttercup hosted by Bee Smooth, use refrigerator magnets to make up poetry and buy ice cream creations from the Flaky Sno-Kone Man.

Olive has some wacky friends - There's Percy who runs a pirate radio station and keeps his Christmas decorations on all year. I have always wanted to be able to do that - you too? Her friend the cashier at the Dollar Dream Store, does spells and horoscopes, wears purple nail polish, and is learning to become a librarian.

Haven't you wanted to go to a store where you could afford to buy everything? Well you can at the Dollar Dream Store. Its filled with tons of fun things - candy, makeup, glamour magazines, and dream lanterns. Make sure you turn off the lights wherever you can. Different things happen in the dark.

I'm sure there are things that I haven't found so far. I can't tell you everything 'cause I haven't found everything - you'll have to find the rest for yourself.

Reviewed by Genevieve

  • Smarty $34.95
  • Rhinestone Publishing
  • MAC, Windows 95 and Windows NT
  • 1-888-476-2789