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Backyard Soccer & The MSL Edition
Ages 5-10 (even older).

The point of this amazingly fantastic game is to put together a solid team, to do your best to win all of the games, and to try to be invited to the Off the Wall Indoor Invitational.

Did I like it? I LOVED it! Girls could play it. Boys could play it. Anyone could play it. My favorite part of the game was choosing the players because it was fun to hear what they said when I chose them versus not choosing them. It was fun to see how good their sportsmanship was.

The game was very engaging! You would have the ball and then suddenly the opposing team would take it. Oh, and the penalty kicks! It's very hard to try to catch the penalty kick while when shooting (and making) them isn't all that hard. I would always replay backyard soccer again and again because you can always change your team players, team colors, team name and level (easy, medium, or hard). Every season is different which makes it more fun!

The graphics were really good. I could see every player easily which made it easier to play. My only trouble was seeing the instant replay because it was blurry. I could understand and hear everything. I could have the volume on really low and still be able to hear it well. It was great!

There was one thing that was annoying. When my sister played her first game, it was really short so she wanted to change it. We clicked on game options and tried to change it to a longer game but it wouldn't let us. I later found out that you have to change some of the things (like how long the game is) before you start playing your first game. I think you should be able to change it at all times.

It was not always easy to play the game with another person. What I did with my sister was I would play the first half and she would play the second half. We both agreed on the name and players but if you don't agree, one girl can choose part of the team, team name and colors.

I don't agree with the age range. I am 11 and I think this is the coolest game I have ever played. I think that the age range should be 5 and up. Anyone who can use the computer and wants to have a fun time will want to play this game.

Lauren K. 6/00

Ed. Note
This game gets kudos all the time. Here is a review of the latest version - The MSL edition which includes junior versions of the U.S. Women’s National Team. Does it make a difference - Yeah.

The point of the game is to lead the team that you coach to victory in a couple of different tournaments. Did I like it? I loved it! I think that girls would love it too. I like to play the actual game.

The little players on the team actually did what they were told. Music played every time there was a score. After awhile the commentary could get a little annoying, but if you went to options, you could turn it off. In the beginning, the game would suddenly quit but eventually we got it to work.

You can chose your own teams, pick their position, and basically do anything you want. At one point in the game, you could get a "power kick" (which had a ball followed by fire) on the screen. You could also get a picture that has a big hole, then another one with a soccer ball popping out of it. If you have either the power kick or a holey (lots of holes) kick, then when you shoot, things would happen. For the power kick, the ball would rush into the goal, followed by a rush of fire. If you have the holey kick, then the ball would disappear into a big hole, then pop out of another one and go into the goal.

A cool thing was that every time something happened, it would show a replay. I would play it again, many times. The graphics were amazing! When someone scored the little people would jump and do cool moves. For instance, when Brianna Scurry scored, Tiffany Milbrett would do the splits in the air. Mostly, the game was cartoon, but when you got on to the field, all the people were graphic people. That was so cool! The sound was very good. The music was actually pretty cool. The voices were so detailed that you could hear the chatter of the audience and the player when you were playing a game. You could play it with another girl. One of the options had a thing were you could switch from computer playing the mouse to the mouse playing the keyboard, and take turns.

I do not agree with the age range. It is not a babyish game. The age range should be from 6 to 200 years old.

Reviewed by Vivian B. 11/00

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