Sonic: Sega All-Stars Racing - Wii  - Review

Sonic: Sega All-Stars Racing - Wii
Rating: E - Everyone

It's a lot like Mario Kart - and what's so bad about that? Characters from Sega franchises will please many - but pass over the heads of first time players. Either way, it all feels fresh and fun. Tracks all have hidden shortcuts which makes replay a must. Drifting, once in the racing genre, will never get left out in spite of the real life nastiness. The tracks are gloriously rendered with bright colors and textures, with the exception of the tracks for House of the Dead, which are appropriately dark and spooky.

There are offensive and defensive weapons of choice: traffic cones, sneakers, boxing gloves. All 20 of the racers have unique special effects and power ups. Eight different players can compete at one time. I only tried two. Screen is spit horizontally - I have no idea what they do for eight. On the Wii players have the option of using their Mii as an optional character.

The game offers good characters, good visual good track design and good controls -- You want MORE?

Fun Factor: Has it all
Female Factor: Finally - you can play as Amy
Player Friendly: Controls are surprisingly good. Not too much over correcting

Reviewed by: Editor - Mar/10

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  • Platform(s): Wii
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