Sonic Rivals 2  - Review

Sonic Rivals 2
Ages: Everyone

Not much attention is paid to the story - to some characters the world is about to be destroyed, others need to find a giant emerald, or find missing Chao (Chaos look like Elebits) - whichever way it is - Dr. Egghead is behind it and both Sonic, his friends and his rivals are after him.

It's not just speed that will win the race - there are hazards and obstacles to contend with. You need to get onto the spring loaded platforms to get over high walls, occasionally you have to go back to get the boosts that you need to navigate a particular tricky portion of the run. To use these assists and get past hazards you have to know what and where they are - which will lead you to doing a course over and over or going into free play mode or slowing down for a lap and look around. And there are all sorts of indictor goodies on the screen - take time to know what they are.

The operative mode is using the forward directional arrow and the X button for most of the game, other buttons are used for power ups and to access your special signature move - but you are moving so fast that you just might miss them first time around. As you become familiar with the course, you will realize that there is more than one track and even find shortcuts.

There are three options for single player besides Story Mode. Single Event is dividend into four stages, race, battle, race and boss. In Cup Circuit you have to win two out of three events in a series of battles, races and bosses. Free Play is were you can get the overall picture of what comprises the course. There are six levels and while the courses look different operationally, they are all side scrollers.

Because you want to do more that race, interest is added by including Battle Modes where you can: knock out your opponent, play capture the flag with your rival's Chao, collect more rings than your opponent, and play a version of "Hot Potato" only done with a bomb. In multiplayer wireless mode, you can play Boss and Battle mode sharing the single disk.

Scenery is nice - music is electronic and tinny but the beat is appropriate for the style of game, sound effects - good, screen - a little too small to contain our dynamic Sonic.

Fun Factor: The racing function has been enlarged by adding scoring, battles and special powers.
Player Friendly: Only winner's scores are posted. No option for two different players - no named saves.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

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