Space Chimps - Review

Space Chimps
Ages: Everyone 10+

BLAM - here I am on the jiggledy, rotating jumble of rocks in some forsaken planet - clearly not earth, and having to leap platforms, fight frog-like thingies, clamber up walls and swing from vines. Why, why, why? Being disadvantaged by not seeing Space Apes doesn't mean I can't find out.

Han III, grandson of the original space hero and an ex-circus chimp, Luna, the brains and Titan the brawn are on a mission to free the inhabitants of the planet Malgor ruled by the evil king Zartog, a big ugly, mean creature.

The animations are endearing - as are the two chimps who look like they escaped from Planet of the Apes. The controls are simple and simple is good - double jump, bashing enemies or as Luna shooting them - and yes there is flying - on butterfly wings no less. It's a simple game but the action is constant. Same applies to the aggressively pounding music that needs to be turned down because it interferes with the attention you need for the game. I could have done without the constant urging to get going 'cause if you pause, Han does cute acrobatic routines.

There are Globhoppers to pick up for movie clips, and Dole bananas - could this be a product placement - for new costumes? Camera controls are important when doing the jumps and swinging and the intro sequence has Han jumping from ledge to ledge on a rotating planet. Kids who are prone to getting motion sickness will have a hard time with this one - otherwise, it's fun.

Fun Factor: Simple story - engaging characters
Female Factor: Luna is the smart one
Player Friendly: Wii controls good on this one.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/08

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