Space Invaders Extreme   - Review

Space Invaders Extreme
Ages: Everyone

Space invaders on my PSP - nostalgia for me - a great game for the kids out there who have never played it. I almost feel that I don't have to explain how it's played, but for those newbies and even for those who have played it - there're some new embellishments - after all - this is Space Invaders- Extreme. You shoot down these advancing lines of space invaders before the get down to the bottom where your cannon is located. If you can down the space ship zooming above - you get extra points. You can move your cannon from side to side. Of course, the invaders drop bombs at you which can take out your cannon.

But now it's in color. When you shoot down four blues - you get a penetrating laser power up, four reds an area wide bomb, green a broad 5 shot and black a shield for your cannon. There are 10 different invader types to make the game more interesting, and they seem to have gotten some intelligence 'cause sometimes they swarm to attack and group into formations. As you play you advance from Chain to Break to Fever - the last two are point multipliers. There are bosses at the end of each level. Strategy is to get the highest score possible without being hit.

Things I could do without. The background lightshow which gets in the way of the invaders and the incessantly rhythmic beat. The sound I could turn down - but while I could dim the light show - couldn't turn it completely off. Two player requires two games - but this is the PSP not the DS. Anyway, playing it while standing on line waiting for a table - sure gets notice. Don't have to tell anyone you paid only $20.00 for it.

Fun Factor: Be the first on your block
Player Friendly: Easy starts - gets harder

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/08

  • Space Invaders Extreme
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  • Platform(s): PSP
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