SpaceStationSim - Review

Ages: Everyone 10+

[I have been waiting for this one - Ed.] The only game with zero gravity. SpaceStationSim is the first space station game ever developed in collaboration with NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The game gives players the opportunity to build their own unique version of the International Space Station (ISS) using dozens of modules and stylized components from NASA and its four exploration partners, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), European Space Agency (ESA), Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and the Russian Space Agency (RSA).

In addition to creating a unique ISS, the player acts in the roll of the Chief Administrator of NASA, and creates astronaut crewmembers to live and work aboard the space station. The astronauts have unique needs, abilities and personalities, and players manage their activities and personal relationships. Astronauts face mission critical situations, including fires and equipment breakdowns, while conducting micro gravity experiments and dealing with space tourists shipped aboard by the Russians. Through strategy, design, management, discovery, and care of the crew, the players ISS may usher in the dawn of a new age for man and woman in space.

Posted by: Editor - 12/06

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