Spelling Challenges – and more!   - Review

Spelling Challenges – and more!
Ages: Everyone

How could Crave make a game out of spelling? You first sign in with your name and age – that sort of levels the playing field. The Challenge consists of 10 words quickly flashed on the screen – player has to spell the word out using the analphabet keyboard – it is timed. The hardest and slowest part was picking out the keys. Words misspelled are flashed on the screen at the end. The touch screen is very sensitive in this game and it is easy to pick the wrong letter.

It’s the “and more!” that’s the most fun in the game. The ten word teasers ranging from definitions, picking misspelled - or correctly spelled words out or recognizing a part of speech and more that I didn’t get to.

There is no adjudicator to go to if you disagree with the spelling or definition of a word – just haul down the old Webster from off the shelf.

Fun Factor: Fun, but don't give it as a gift.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

  • Spelling Challenges – and more!
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