Sponge Bob: Truth or Square  - Review

Sponge Bob: Truth or Square
Ages: Everyone

I've been a fan of the Sponge since he got up on the wrong side of the bed. This 3D side scroller gives you 10 different sets - some from old games, some from newer Cartoon Network shows. They're wonderful, shorter, more colorful then some of the last releases. Story starts out with the Sponge given the responsibility of guarding the Kraby Cake recipe. Of course Sponge forgets where he laid it and needs happy memories to jog his brain. This is the excuse to go back to Bikini Bottom, Crusty Crab Shack, Jellyfish Fields and to meet up with Sandy Crab, Squidward, Mermaid Man, Plankton - even Santa. Took me a while to realize that those floating white things were health restoring underwear.

The Sponge uses bubblegum power, spatula and hammer foo, muscles and a sponge-inspired water cannon. The term "Truth or Dare" comes from the quizzes between the different levels on Sponge Bob's history. This games lets Sponge Bob just hang out - easy, no tired extended sequences to lengthen the gameplay. It is a little confusing switching between the party scene and the dream sequence - but stick with it - it's worth it.

Fun Factor: Mostly easy fun play - some timed games
Female Factor: It's Bob. Bob all the way
Player Friendly: Respectable manual

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

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