SpongeBob Beach Party Cook-off - Review

SpongeBob Beach Party Cook-off
Ages: Everyone

OMG what an awful game. SpongeBob what has happened to you? There have been many cooking-type games, and I have played all that have landed on my desk and I consider myself a pretty good cook - game-wise, even kitchen-wise.

The game starts with SpongeBob screaming at you and continues until you turn the sound off. You are tasked with preparing various foods with appropriate movements of your stylus. While you get different menus and food to prepare - when actually doing it - you don't have any idea of what recipes you are making - so you make French fries and slice cucumbers and twirl your stylus to make a pot of something boil - Vichyssoise maybe? Not on the menu. The on-screen instructions are unclear, which results in many tries, with few successes. When you do "Poor" on the bottom screen, you are rated Successful on the upper screen and awarded a new recipe.

This review has 157 words and not worth one word more.

Fun Factor: None
Female Factor: None
Player Friendly: Awful

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/09

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