Spray - Review

Ages: E 10+

The game starts out true to typical game form. A meteor sent by an evil queen destroys a village, captures its inhabitants and kills the king. On his deathbed the king hands over the crown to his young son Roy and charges him with saving the land of Ecoia. To accomplish this Ray has to gather the shards of the crystal sun scattered by evil queen Mordack. He embarks upon the quest.

Here is where it veers into something quite different. Ray has two helpers that hover about him, Liad, a delicate sprite that sprays water and a purple blob called, Gush who gushes vomit. With these two aids, Ray can battle against the antimatter enemies by liquefying them or by covering their antimatter, which dissolves matter, with vomit. Vomit is stronger than water.

As battles and enemies become more fierce, ice and sticky goo are added to Ray's arsenal. Fighting is done by shaking the Wii remote. The game is a 3D platformer with some dizzying jumping and anti-gravity feats accomplished using sticky goo. There are invisible birds - but you will find out about them soon enough.

The game has 30 unique missions. No mention about saves except that there are two save slots, otherwise the manual is helpful with good a description on Wii controller use.

Fun Factor: Unusual
Female Factor: The water sprite is female; the vomit sprayer is male
Player Friendly: Sometimes confusing knowing what to do.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

  • Spray
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  • Platform(s): Wii
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