Super Collapse! 3  - Review

Super Collapse! 3
Ages: Everyone

This game offers variations on collapse-three by varying the block feed and limiting the time to clear the screen. Besides the Classic play -- keeping the blocks from reaching the top, there are

They are all tempting to try but you have to complete the Classic in order to unlock any of them, and they have to be played in order. To get through Classic you have to clear the screen in 15 seconds which, with the loose control - is frustrating, if not maddening.

It is nearly impossible to accurately select blocks using the analog stick or alternately, the directional buttons and then pressing the X button to remove the block is just one step too many. The triangle and the square button to advance to the next line doesn't work, because your finger is busy pressing the X button as fast as you can. So this ends up being a really twitchy game where, once again you have to "earn" the right to play the game.

If you get past the 15 second countdown, you can appreciate the screen organization. It is divided into three parts leftmost for scores and lines remaining, center for the game screen and right shows what special items you have in case you forgot what the curved arrow means.

Having played collapse-three on many machines the one that is supremely suited to the game is the Nintendo DS where you just touch the blocks to select and remove them.

Fun Factor: Too twitchy.
Player Friendly: Extreme speed requirements prevents access to interesting areas of play.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/07

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