Super Mario Bros. Super Show  Vol 2   - Review

Super Mario Bros. Super Show Vol 2
Ages: Everyone

The Mario Bros. Super Show was a combination of live action and cartoons which aired 17 years ago. This neat boxed set of four volumes will provide 10 hours of nostalgic entertainment for who saw it when they were around 10 years old.

The 24 episode collection continues the adventures of the Mario Brothers in their battle against the dastardly King Koopa and his turtle minions, who clearly resemble the Ninja Turtles. Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells play the spaghetti loving brothers with walk-on guests, Vanna White and impressionist Fred Travalena contributing to the shenanigans. Ahh, where are they all now?

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

  • Super Mario Bros. Super Show Vol 2
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