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Ages: Teen +

If you caught the early previews of this one, it promised to be the "game of the year". Remember the excitement about Myst? Well this one doesn't disappoint. Try it for yourself. There is a demo and a walkthrough on . This is really a game-story, and it has everything you have wanted - interesting characters plus some character developments through the game; a female protagonist strong and attractive; dialog that has a spark of humor to it; unbelievably beautiful environments; moving music; and a creative and inventive story. My one complaint, is that with all the fantastic detail and the care they went to some of the scenes are too dark at least with my monitor and graphic card.

The story, briefly. Kate Walker, a lawyer from New York, is sent to purchase a mechanical toy factory sequestered in the French Alps. To accomplish her mission she must search for the last remaining heir a strange, perhaps mad genius. Her search takes her to a university town, an abandoned factory, a once renowned Russian spa; through churches, cemeteries, mines, libraries and a profusion of elegant, mysterious and fantastic places, populated with wondrous mechanical devices.

I can say no more. I am still feeling the thrall of the game!

Editor Review 9/02

In one word, Grand. Syberia is an interesting and beautiful game. The quality of the art, the art design, the music and the animation really puts it in the Grand category. If you're an Adventure game fan, buy it now! But if you're the type that loves non-linear true 3D games, you might be bothered by the linear game play and how much running around you have to do. But no matter what you like, download the demo and try it out, trust me it's nothing you have ever seen before.

Reviewed by Adrianne Canfil
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