Tak:  Mojo Mistake  - Review

Tak: Mojo Mistake
Ages: Everyone

Happy go lucky Tak is now a 2D RPG side scroller, and while it was released at the same time as Guardians of the Gross is a completely different game.

As town shaman Tak is called upon to rid the village of a wild boar. This is the tutorial - nicely done. Annoyed with so much demand on his services - Tak used his magic to create workers - Hackies. Of course - like Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice - they get out of control - and the adventure begins.

Pupununu Village is home base and where Tak returns to get a new quests. Quest? Hey this is a side scroller. It's a jam packed side scroller. Four quest locations: Pupununu Village, Jungle, Volcano and Juju Temple - but only the Juju Temple uses the touch screen for navigation - up down sideways and upside-down. Collect everything you can see, bring it to the Alchemy Lab. Weapons upgrades ands magic are done here - on the touch screen by mixing items you have acquired. If it works - it can be used, if not you get a flapping chicken!

Ongoing puzzles can be puzzling - but being aware of that, you start looking for unusual solutions - antagonizing a skunk so Tak's smell will chase off a shooting squirrel starts you off in the right track. Invincibility feather is a gas.

Front and back image planes in the screens give a nice feeling of 3D. Drumming and environmental sounds don't wear on you. Only one save slot - bummer. But a good manual. Sure doesn't feel like the old Tak to me. There is a lot to the game and the different types of activities keeps the interest high.

Fun Factor: Lots of things to do
Female Factor: Negligible
Player Friendly: Informative manual but no info on Saves. Game could use at least 2 save slots.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/09

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