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Let's Talk About Me! Some More
Ages 13+

It was a pretty good game and the neat thing about it was that there was a built in diary. There is a place where you can get your horoscope, take a personality test, and at Hairmaster Delux you can see what you look like with different hair colors and different hair styles. I wouldn't spend hours in front of it but it's great if you have ever thought about changing your looks and want some suggestions. If you don't have a digitized picture of yourself, it has some pictures that come with it of other girls to try out styles on. There is no place to go to try out makeup but that's OK

In My Personality you can take quizzes to find out about your personality. I found out the I am a Hippie Girl. There is also a quiz about bodies. I took it once, read the first two questions and decided I didn't want to take it. They said something like, “What does a typical American eat?”, or “Are most Americans fat?”. It was pretty boring.

There was a part were you could match up pictures of famous women with their personality. Another place called the Zodiac Zone would tell you what your horoscope is. You can also learn other peoples horoscope like for example, your friends or another family member's.

The best place to go is My Diary. I actually use it and find it pretty nice to have a diary on the computer. The first time you use My Diary you have to choose two buttons out of all the ones that are there and that is your password. In the diary you use the calendar to choose what day you want to say something for. There is also a panic button which hides your entries until the coast is clear. The good thing about the diary is that you can change the year so you don't just get to use the diary for one year. When you start up the game you have to type in your name and then your password. This is good because, when there is a new user they to can use the game without bumping in to other people's stuff. So, over all I'd say the game is pretty good.

Reviewed by Sarah W. 8/99

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  • Ed Note: This two CD set comes with the original game also. Click on Let's Talk About Me for a review of the original game.