Tamogotchi Party On ! - Review

Tamogotchi Party On !
Ages: Everyone

I know you won't believe this but this is a BOARD game, complete with rolling the dice, moving on the playing board, and landing on spaces with different rewards and penalties. An event space will trigger some kind of event, some to your advantage, some not; the gotchi game spaces and mini-game spaces that will bring up games that will earn you gotchis (money) and popularity; bumping into a friend will bus you to a different location on the board; and on some spaces you can pickup items, or even shop.

The point of the game is to become President of Tamagotchi Planet. And how do you do that? By being the most popular. And how do you do that? By getting high scores in the games, getting enough gotchi to decorate and expand your campaign quarters, and getting rewards instead of penalties when landing on the event spaces. You play with four characters, whether you play solo or with friends. Each round represents a day, and at the end of the week elections are held. After you have played the game in all the different towns, the candidate with the most popularity points will be the new President. Playing solo against three computer controlled candidates can be tedious waiting for your turn to come up again. This would not be the case with four active players.

There are lots of explanations on how to use the Wii remote and use it you will shaking hands, rolling, dice, driving, scooping ice cream, opening doors and even as a flashlight. The control works well, without the need for violent hand motions.

There are many clever bits when two Tamagotchis land on the same space a slot machine is the decision maker, and after you make a move on the board in top down view, the characters move through the town in 3D. It is very clever. I am now waiting for Monopoly

Fun Factor: Wish our current spate of candidates were as much fun.
Female Factor: The gender assortment seems fair -- can't always tell with Tamagotchis.
Player Friendly: The 'board' format makes it easy to pick up and play.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/07

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