Thunderbirds - Box

Ages: Everyone

The characters are running all over your GBA screen -- Tin-Tin with her ability to move things with her mind, Alan and his strongman ability to push things around and Fermat, with computer hacking skills but always the last one. The figures display exceeding well on the simple background and motions like running and pushing are clearly discernable. This is not a side scroller but an isometric top down view.

There are two modes, the Adventure where the characters are trying to find the hangar and the Flight mode where they pilot various space craft on a rescue mission. The team must remain together to pass through certain portals but they can also act as individuals. The L button toggles group or individual play modes. There is actually a story here with individual characters who must work together. Amazing. One of the best GBA's this season.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

  • Thunderbirds
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