Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Review

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
Ages: Everyone 10+

Would you believe a game on the DS touch screen not using the touch screen? The game could have just as easily been on the GBA? Put away your stylus and start pressing buttons.

On the DS, it's pared down from the consoles, I can do with that . Only Career mode Hardcore and Rigger have been dropped. You can still customize but not as lavishly and you have to earn the points first.. There are enough Basic and Advanced controls to keep you playing for awhile. Four game modes available, Lessons, Story, Classic, and Free Skate where you are free to explore all the levels you have previously unlocked.

The lesson segment is easy to play and the animations are responsive to the button presses and is probably most useful for anyone first picking the game. Skate Lounge is where you change gear and selections are made using the touch screen.. Story mode is where you meet the challenges. This is not easy. The map is on the bottom screen and the action is shown on the top screen. There is no way to slow down the action and when you get to three and four button sequences it is time to go outside and play. But you can play as a girl.

Female Factor: On this version - you can play as a girl. No tattoos tho.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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